Brand, Product & Stock Photography

Elevate your brand with images designed just for you. From head shots, product photography for your online shop &/or stock images to post that help you stand out. We provide what you need for your brand.


Why Hire Capture & Design

Since 2007 Capture & Design has been working with businesses in all niches to elevate their visual presence in both print & online media.  In a visual world you need to make your business stand out from all the others.  We can help you with images of your products or service along with customized stylized stock photos to be used in your advertising campaigns.  Let’s make a cohesive look to your brand.  It’s time for your brand to stand apart from others.

What We Can Do For You!

It’s your brand, let’s make it so others know to.  We offer packages and a la carte products to suit your investment needs. From head shots, product images and even customized stock images what we create here is for you & your brand. 100% authentic, unique images to elevate your brand. Let’s connect & start making beautiful dreams a reality.

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Make sure to join the Capture & Design Community today. You will receive free stock images, tips to grow your brand and more.  Our community is connected via email & a private Facebook group.  Join us now.


Send me an email at madebyheather@shaw.ca or message through the different social media channels. I look forward to hearing from you.


Brand, Product & Stock Images