So you have poked around my site, on each page you have viewed you have seen some of my work. Here is a page with a few more examples of work I have done over the years for local & small businesses.

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I have been hired by many and here are a few that you can visit to see my work in action.


A few other places you might have seen my work:


The Wheelbarrow Gardener was asked for images of Tulips for an article on and I was her photographer. View them here.




Capture & Design


I was asked to photography the cover of the Morinville centennial Community Gardens 2013 Cookbook.






In 2014 I began doing a theme called Non Traditional Santa Photos in which I team up or network with different businesses for props, set design & locations. It does not have to be Santa themed, we can network together on any occasion.  You provide props or location, we hold special portraiture sessions & we both benefit from the success.

Here are a few examples of networked sessions.

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Brand, Product & Stock Images






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