You know the old adage – to make money you need to spend money.  But I know as a small business money is tight,  that is why I want to work with you.  I have set packages you can choose from or we can get together ( in person or virtually ) and create a customized package to suit your brand’s needs.

Brand, Product & Stock Photography
Cape & Cape were captured for Cold Lipsticks Garden

No 2 clients are the same, therefore no 2 packages are the same so I will not post a price for you, I would rather get some coffee or skype with you so we can discuss what you really need for your business & we can work out a price point from there. I believe in helping you grow your business whether you are operating out of your basement to an actual office.  No matter where you live we can accomplish this.

I have traveled to where the business is and have had businesses mail me their product to shoot at my studio. We have solutions for you. It does not matter the product or the service. Talk to me today about capturing your brand.

Two of the most common packages available are:

  • per project
  • per hour

What you Get:

  • Prints in various materials,
  • High resolution digital files to use in your print advertising and
  • Web-sized digital files to use on your website & social media campaigns.

What we offer:

  • Head shots of you & your team
  • Product images of what you sell for your online shop
  • Images of your services
  • Customized Stock Images to use on social media

Contact me today and we can chat.

If you aren’t ready to make the investment ( yet ) please check out our stock shop that is filled with Styled Stock Images that you can purchase and place your product or text right into the image by overlaying it.  Images already created & priced to sell for the budget savvy business.  Make sure to join our email community so you can get free images monthly sent direct to your inbox.

Brand, Product & Stock Images





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