Why Hire A Brand Photographer

Why Brand Photography

No matter your business no matter what you sell or service you offer, professional looking photos of your product & service increase your traffic. An increase in traffic means more profits for you. From photos for your website, to social media posts to stylized stock photos for cover photos and profile pictures. Let’s grow your brand with some great photos.

Your brand needs to remain constant, and always present.  Capture & Design can provide images to make your brand cohesive & unique.   No one else will have the images we create for you.  100% customization for you.

Why choose us?

Brand, Product & Stock Photography
An image from my very first service session back in 2007

Why Commercial Photography

I was always the girl with a camera, but in 2007 I was asked to do something I have never done up to that point. Take photos for a small new business for her online & print marketing. A belly dance studio.  A passion within me was born.

I love helping businesses improve their appearance both online & in print. Since that time I have taken many photos for different businesses both of their products & of their services.  I can  work with you to provide images of your product, your service or provide stock images to be used with text overlays for slogans and campaign sales you may be having.  We even offer head shots for those who live close by. Let’s personalize your business, show the face behind the brand.

Why Commercial Photography
an example of a specific product shot for American Paint Company
Why Brand Photography
The Wheelbarrow Gardener provides event styling & this image was of a picnic in the park.
Why Commercial Photography
FunkedUp.ca needed a stock photo where the company added their logo & a slogan to use on social media


Most businesses I work with prefer digital files to use in their marketing, websites and social media channels.  I also provide printed materials as well. The best advice I can give you is to contact me. Let’s talk.


Brand, Product & Stock Images





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