Intro to Better Photography 
Intro to Better Photography Workshop

This will be an introductory class on how to use your DSLR and get better photos. Whether you want to take pictures of your kidlets or your crafts for Etsy or just want to learn a bit more about the camera you have this is for you!  Your camera must be either a DSLR or a digital camera that has the ability to override automatic functions. If you aren’t sure – email me.

3 hours for you & we will go over some basics of photography.

  • stay tuned for 2017 dates
  • location will be in Morinville, AB
  • 3 hours of fun.

Cost is $75 per person

This is what we will cover:

  • what all the buttons on your camera do – the scene modes and the dreaded M, P, S & A buttons.
  • jpeg vs raw and what the fuss is all about
  • what is shutter and aperture and how to use them – nothing scary just the basics
  • how to use natural light to your advantage to make your photos POP
  • composition basics
  • how to capture some basic creative shots for fun
  • some basic editing tips

If time allows we will talk about equipment, artificial light, landscapes & light meters.

I need a min. of 5 people to commit to hold this class.  Class fee is non refundable, (unless there isn’t 5 to commit).  Email to book.

Payment via EMT or my online store and use your credit card.

You will receive a set of class notes and we will include some practical hands on time to practice so bring your camera & manual (if you have it) with you. No prior photography experience is needed.  And of course I will have some treats to eat for you.

I may offer more of an advanced workshop at a later date so stay tuned if you think this class is too basic for you. 



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