5 Ways to Use One Stock Image

5 Ways to Use One Stock Image

You are on a budget, well your business is on a budget & spending money on stock images just doesn’t seem doable at this time. I get it. And that is why this post is to help you, I want to show you 5 ways to use one stock image. So go ahead & purchase that one image you have had your eye on or better yet now you can use those free images you have received. and use it a minimum of 5 different ways. Just remember that in today’s fast online world, visuals are what will make a reader stop scrolling & look at your product.  So don’t be afraid, let’s get you noticed with one image today!

5 Ways to Use One Stock Image

For this demonstration, we will be using a watermarked image from the Party Collection. ( any image you purchase from Capture & Design does not have a watermark on it )

free stock images 5 Ways to Use One Stock Image
This image is 300 DPI and is 4600 x 3600  pixels which means you can do a lot with this one image!

I always recommend downloading any image you receive to both your desktop computer & mobile device. That way you have the image where you need to use it. Just remember that any tablet/mobile device will compress and shrink the original image so if you need something larger or for print always use the one on your desktop computer.

1. Crop the Image for the Platform You Want to Use it on

Where do you want to put the image?

  • Facebook – as a cover, profile pic, post or ad
  • Twitter Banner, profile pic or post
  • Pinterest Pin
  • On your blog, as a header or post header or side bar widget
  • Hero Image on an opt in page
  • Email banner
  • Instagram Post
5 ways to use one stock image
Blue is crop for Facebook banner, yellow is cropped for Instagram & the red is a perfect size for a Pinterest Pin

All you need is the pixel size for where you want to put it and crop it accordingly, but please make sure you always SAVE AS, that way you don’t ruin the original image so you can always go back and re-use it for another platform.

2. Use the Image As Is

Just download the image & post as is, this way your content, the words, stand on their own merit. The platform on which you choose will automatically crop to fit their size. I don’t always recommend this method as users can always screen shot and steal the image.  To avoid this I would recommend the third way that you can use an image.

3. Overlay the Image with your Business Logo

Putting your logo on any image you use is always a great plan. Think of high end brands such as Coka Cola, Nike, Starbucks. Just their logo and you know who that post is about it. Start putting your brand out there with your logo, always.

5 ways to use one stock image

Crop first so that way your logo will not be cut off when you automatically post.  Put your logo where you feel it is most visible. I would recommend your logo to be in a png format that way it’s transparent around the edges and no white or color block would stand out.

4. Overlay the Image with Text

Maybe you are having a sale, or just found a great inspirational quote, or you want to post holiday hours to your shop, either way images like this one are great for text as they have the white, negative space already created & ready for your text.

5 ways to use one stock image
This image has the quote direct on the white space


5 ways to use one stock image
This quote is overlayed a color block to help it stand out from the background

5. Overlay with an Image of Your Product

This method may require a little more time & work, but if your products are on transparent PNG files you are golden, if not then that is where a color block behind comes in handy so your product stands out from the background.

5 ways to use one stock image
The tray is a product from FUNKEDUP.CA that was captured on white and placed on a color block on top of the image


So there you have it, 5 quick, easy & simple ways to use one stock image to grow your brand.  Now don’t be afraid to grab some free images to play with or to finally purchase that one you have had your eye on.  If you use any images of Capture & Designs, whether free or purchased I would LOVE to celebrate your post and share with my community. Make sure to tag me #captureanddesign so I can , but don’t feel obligated to tag.  Happy posting everyone!

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