How To Make Stock Images Work for You

How To Make Stock Images Work for You

Whether you are a blogger, online market place or just wanting to increase your presence on social media. Stock Photos can work for you!  I used to once upon a time have a beauty blog, and what took the most time out of my creative flow was taking the photos! And I am a photographer!! I know right?! Capturing images can take A LOT of time, time away from your strengths & what brings you money.  So let’s talk Stock Photos for a bit and How To Make Stock Images Work for You.

How To Make Stock Images Work for You

I am in the process of putting together an online workshop and have been researching creative entrepreneurs who have successfully hosted online workshops for help.  I signed up for one bloggers emails on how to put together a workshop, & I have to say after about 6 emails I unsubscribed. Why?  Her email was all about why NOT to use stock photos.  She put down an industry that helped her with success. She claimed her mobile phone can do better then stock photos taken by a professional with a proper camera. Her main reason was every one will look the same. Same images being used all over the internet, and she felt she lost her uniqueness.  I won’t rat out who she is, but I did unsubscribe.  I have a different take on stock photos, not because I capture & sell them ( and give away free ones every month ) but because I believe stock photos can raise the bar on your game.

What is your business?

Do you sell products? a service? maybe you are launching your brand? or you just want better images on your social media feed?  Whatever the reason you need to stand out. You need to be different then the guy next door offering the same as you.  Let’s say for arguments sake you make & sell home made soap.  Just hit up any online marketplace and you are going to find a bazillion shops selling homemade soap.  Most buyers will scroll through a news feed in a coma like stance & wont stop scrolling till something catches their eye.   Enter Stock Photos.  You are busy, making soap & marketing your shop to take photos that will make someone stop and look at your product.Stock Images are great.  Most sellers let you overlay with text, or add a filter, you can crop to fit your space, overlay with a photo of your product in a mock up area or whatever ( yes you can do this with all mine too ).  No matter what you sell or offer there are stock photos for you.

How To Make Stock Images Work for You

Browse images by color or theme, use them to brand your website or shop, or use in your social media feeds.  But know this, not every soap shop will be looking for photos to use on the exact website you are looking. If you continue to use the free sites for stock images – yes you will begin to see duplicates out there as most people want to save a buck or two and will go free over paying for a limited quantity stock photo.  But when you purchase a stock image from a stock photographer, 9/10 will put limits on how many of that image can be sold. If there are 10,000  soap shops on one marketplace and that stock photographer limits the amount of that image to say 50, that is a real slim chance of seeing duplicates. So go ahead, spend some money to make money, purchase that bundle or image and put it to good use on your shop & watch the sales roll in.  Plus that purchase becomes a business expense and you can write it off come tax time.


Sooooo… Attract your ideal clients and bring your marketing to the next level with professional styled stock photography & commercial product photography. Stock Photos are an inexpensive way to add flare to your online presence for your business. Sometimes it’s just your logo and a happy message and that will bring the people. Don’t let your business fade away due to bad photos. Choose professional images to raise the bar on your marketing today.

Let me give you a few ways to use stock images today:

  • Facebook Cover Banners
  • Facebook Profile pictures
  • Twitter Cover Photos
  • Website Banners
  • Website Widget designs
  • Overlay with text for announcements on social media
  • Newsletter backgrounds
  • Etsy Headers
  • Crop to desired size & print it off and hang it in a frame on your wall
  • Print on business cards & flyers
  • Digital Backgrounds
  • Use for digital composites

If you purchase one of mine, use #captureanddesign as I LOVE sharing your business with my audience.

Now let’s get started on making your business number 1!!

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