The Do’s & Don’ts of your Purchase

I am very grateful you are interested in one of my stock images. But let’s not get into deep mud by misuse.


  • Since I am the photographer of all these images in my shop, I own the copyright & rights to the images. ( It’s the Canadian Law )
  • When you purchase you get the right to use the image for personal or professional use only.
  • You as the purchaser may crop or overlay the image with text or images of your product designs that fit your brand or blog and help promote your brand and sell more products.
  • You may not edit ( cut and rearrange ) or manipulate the image in any way. Capture & Design remains the sole & exclusive owner and holds the copyright.
  • The purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign or give the image away to third party. You buying the use of the image is for your brand & advertising of your brand. That’s it. If someone else really wants or likes send them to my shop, I do like referrals.

Can you cut & paste to rearrange the digital file look?

The quick answer is no. I have given my complete attention to every image and the placement of the products within the image. Please do not cut & paste to rearrange. You can crop to use a specific angle but please do not re-arrange the photo – that is messing with my copyright and your usage agreement of the image. You can hire me for brand specific styling so the image meets your brand. Message me today.  But please go ahead, over lay with text or pdf’s of your products, crop for various platforms.

Use #captureanddesign when you post so we too can be inspired by your use.

Please don’t purchase an image then use it to promote your styling ability in workshops or classes.  That is stealing, you didn’t style anything & your customers will be disappointing. Use it promote your products & brand.  If the majority of my image is used to promote you then it’s not doing it’s job. It should enhance your product or brand, not be your product.

Privacy policy

I will only use your shipping and billing address, and contact information
  • To communicate with you about your order
  • To fulfill your order
  • For legal reasons (like paying taxes)
  • You will only receive emails not regarding your order if you sign up for my newsletter.


No you don’t have to tag me each time you use one of my images, but I do love to see how you use it and I can share your work with my audience.  #captureanddesign

If this is all confusing or you have questions please email me, I don’t bite.

Some ideas on how to use these images are:

  • Facebook Cover Banners
  • Facebook Profile pictures
  • Twitter Cover Photos
  • Website Banners
  • Website Widget designs
  • Overlay with text for announcements on social media
  • Newsletter backgrounds
  • Etsy Headers
  • Print it off and hang it in a frame on your wall
  • Print on business cards & flyers
  • Digital Backgrounds