Welcome to Capture & Design’s Stock Photo Shop

Free Stock Photos for Bloggers

You are here because you want to attract your ideal clients and bring your marketing to the next level with professional styled stock photography & commercial product photography. Stock Photos are an inexpensive way to add flare to your online presence for your business. Sometimes it’s just your logo and a happy message and that will bring the people. Don’t let your business fade away due to bad photos. Choose professional images to raise the bar on your marketing today.

Welcome to Capture & Design’s Stock Photo Shop

Free Stock Photos and Product Photography for your Business

You are a business owner, a creative entrepreneur, or maybe dreaming of being in business and just growing your audience, no matter what stage you are in right now marketing is a vital part of your business plan. But you find yourself way to busy to take, edit & post images EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  So that is where I come in.  Don’t DIY your photos.  I want to see you make money, not have customers walk away due to bad photos. Seriously – bad photos make people turn away and go somewhere else, even if that somewhere else is more expensive.

Now hiring a professional can be costly, and you may not have the budget ( yet) to go that route. That is where stock photos come in. Inexpensive photos you purchase and can use over and over again, just overlay with your product or pdf, or text or shop announcement and watch the sales roll in.  All images here come with a standard license that allows you to use the images over & over again to promote your business & sales. The only thing you can’t do with them is sell them off to a 3rd party. ( Let’s talk about a commercial license if that is what you need)

Free Stock Photos and Product Photography for your Business

Free Stock Photos and Product Photography for your Business

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Stylized Stock & Product Photos

Now it’s shopping time.  We offer individual images & bundles.  Each month new images will be added to the shop. Use the selections on the home page for the newest bundles & sales or navigate through our categories by using the menu at the top of the page. Remember everything you purchase does not come watermarked, that annoying watermark is for copyright issues & theft on this site.   ANNNDD you don’t have to tag me in anything you post OR give credit. I do love it though when you do tag so I can see how you are using the images & I can share your stories with my audience. But the choice is yours.

Not sure how to use an image? Did you see the latest blog post 5 Ways to use One Image.  Go check it out now.


And YES you get your download once payment is received and processed:

  • instant download on the main page once payment is processed & completed
  • in an email that can take up to 5 minutes to arrive once payment is processed & completed

If you run into any challenges, please contact me.

With stock images you purchase, then overlay with text. products or announcements, each listing has a sample of ideas you can do and if you are really stuck – message me. We can chat. And to keep you unique, there is only a small number of each image available, that way you stand out in the crowd.